Monday, 26 May 2014


Her innocence captured by the enemy she let in. It sets in. Goes from texting to sexing. Flexing, his dominance. Testing her performance and us woman choosing men that ignore us, and ignoring men that adore us, thinking this "thug lyfe" is for us, a mind completely porous, Poor us! But at this tunnels end there must be a light because we fuss and we fight, disagreeing on agreements, the only inevitable is the semen left in her like ceeeeeeeement, see, what I meant is that she can't even see men without thinking that they scheming , sleep then, is a luxury for her, spending all night either doing what he thought about or thinking bout what he did. Now she at the point where she's giving it up for the highest bid, letting them hit with no lid, now her temple left with skids, no longer on any mans grid so she hid, until the kid came. She thought about all the men spitting game to try to figure out how he became, maybe give him a name but now she in a lane by herself, 9 months in, can barely walk need a cane, cry herself, to rest because she can't sleep the penetration of each man cut her too deep. Now needing to reap the fruits of her lack of innocence and other rhyming words like benevolence, diligence, dissonance, insolence and so on and so forth. Lol. I need not finish this piece just tune into Maury at NBC to hear how this story ends. �� 

PS: alternative endings are always more interesting. 

PPS: this was actually based off of an episode of Maury 

PPPS: I've never actually never seen anyone do a "PPPS" so this is pretty cool. ��

PPPPS: #Swag

PPPPPS: #NoNewFriends

PPPPPPS: Just kidding! I would love some new friends! ☺️ 

Saturday, 3 May 2014

September 4th 2013

He wasn't the prince charming she always dreamed of... He had a lot of flaws but he had potential... And it wasn't the "this is me, take it or leave it" kind of potential... It was the "I know I can improve in a lot of areas and I'm working on it" kind... But... Unfortunately he just wasn't her type... she didn't have the patience for potential... Her time was wasted before and she wasn't doing that again... So she found reasons to push him away, insecurities to keep him down... and in her mind the reasons were justified... He didn't do this right enough and she shouldn't have had to ask him for that....  He did too much of this and not enough of that and she just didn't have time for it so she nagged and she pushed and she criticized because that's what she knew how to do... She was amazing at finding the wrong so amazing that it left her alone and missing so much of what could've been right... Her focus was on not playing the fool, his focus was on playing for keeps... She was stuck to her fears but he was free to grow... And learn and get better but she was too "perfect" to see that effort... She knew how to be the prize not a partner and he was done with that type forever... She then realized that she lost the love of her life the one that would wipe away the tears, the one that would comfort her through all her fears, The one that promised her the years and the ring on her finger as they soar through the skies together accomplishing all their dreams... she lost it all. As she tries with all her might to get back what she lost she realize it's a little too late... she finally sees the greatness  and perfection in this person she once criticized in April late but now it's too late so she continues to crawl and climb and try her best to get a grasp of what she once already had but she knows there's no use. So she quickly turns to the men in which she would compare this man to realizing that this man surpasses all of those men in every single way but she was so blinded by her own insecurities to even realize that. So she is now playing a losing game, having to move forward playing cards with a joker instead of a king. If only life had a reshuffle... She would do it a lot differently this time. 

So to all of you reading this, Cherish what you have while you have it, because you never know when you might lose it all. 

Saturday, 25 January 2014


I honestly believe that divorce is the most selfish and terrible thing you can do to a child. If you don't plan to stay married, don't have kids.... I know there's more to it than that but I really don't care. To see a child crying and damaged because of this it's selfish. It's like having only 1 slice of bread and taking it for yourself before giving it to your child. And I understand that sometimes it's that 1 parent leaves the other but I advise you to think before you take this step because our next generation is going to be a very broken and barren one. One who has sex without love, futures without hope, consume without being filled. You're trying to save the world by being Eco friendly... But in actually you're breaking it down by your desire to be with other people or your lack of desire to save the marriage you currently have. Your children are now going to grow into adults with the notion and belief that if you get tired of someone you can just give up... Being dragged in and out of counselor offices, custody battles, and money wars, This is an epidemic that needs to end. If we can spend years working on our appearance and years pushing our way up the corporate ladder, why cant we put that same effort into keeping our families together???  #FoodForThought #JustSomethingToChewOn #TheBibleTellsMeSo

Saturday, 14 December 2013

First World Problems Anthem

This is my charity of choice this season... saw this and it hurt my heart!!! #FirstWorldProblems

Monday, 14 October 2013

To the drum of one accord

Her inadequacies more apparent than a red door surrounded by white walls, her creativity hindered by lack, feeling broken but put together while understanding that she’s gonna fall apart at the smallest crack, she cries. Attempting to make a life worth living while sitting wondering if its worth her while People smile, she smiles, utilizing her feminine wiles to purchase the aisles of items in a store before she could not afford. Living her days to the beat of the drum of one accord, but all it took was one accord to pull up for her to put out. She use to think she was the most beautiful creature, a true definition of God’s creation, spent her entire childhood trying not to look like those girls her momma told her about and now that’s all shes after… wanting her happily ever after, knowing that will never come once she spreads her legs cuz nothing ever comes after, except laughter from the men who congregate and about her mistake in letting them penetrate… but shes seen the hate in their eyes whenever she tells them to wait, and that wait turns to rape and that rape turns to weight and that weight sits on top of her slowly beating heart… or whats left of it of course…. Her heart beats to the drum of one accord. Without these men she feels ignored but her faith has her reassured that her end will be infinitely prettier than her beginning. So she waits… waits for the floodgates to open, for the happiness to roam 

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Renaissance Woman

Who am I? Who am IIII????? The validity of a true breeze the acuity of a lie. Defined inevitably by the brownness of my skin and the thickness of my thighs, you see. I am not what you see, who am III???... A Walking grammatical error of mistaken beliefs. Defined by society but made true only by my individuality. I am surrounded by Distant thoughts with preoccupied minds, and instead of judging this book by the content, its being judged by the colour of its author, and not their mind. Tripped up on racial divides, halted by colour lines, forcing me to colour inside the lines of a picture that I didn't even draw, my creativity they try to rob.  No need to  cry for me, but in my rejoicing may you sob. Because the fight is the victory  and the development of my history, ...  who am III??? The beauty that results from the regurgitation  of fears that comes only after the many silences of tears, the destination of the proclamation and the realization that there is a GOD. I am the reason that your dream is not a facade, i am the calm  after the storm, baby, the strength that keeps you warm,...maybe? Our hips are wide because of the babies that you pride, are lips are full because we were born with valour, Who am I ??? I am a reflection of the originator  released from despair. I am not what you see. Who am I?? Look a little harder, you'll see, the question is not who am I but who are we...

Friday, 30 August 2013

Vitamin S

The flowers and the breeze and the scent of uncertainty all left for an unusual combination. She got what she hated, but loved what she deserved. Beaten by the unspoken words of the eye, disappointment riddled her expectations of peace and happiness so she held on to her only piece of happiness, she made love to many men, but many men did not love her, because the men she gave her love to were married men hoping that she could gain the place that had already been occupied, and with no occupation besides the one in between her legs she started to question her method of income, then in comes the method of mail via man, her questions answered, her dreams fulfilled, her sadness simply melted away.... sitting so pristine and white, luminescent and immaculate that iPhone 5S... Life is whole again.... iPhone 5S... "it's not a phone its a way of life" :)